Σάββατο, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2012


The construction of a fence at Evros, one more repressive measure of the capitalistic crisis.

The construction of a fence of length 12,5 klm at Ano Vyssa at the sole overland borders between Greece and Turkey, in cooperation with FRONTEX, heralds in Greece practices of extermination of the refugees and immigrants that recall the regimes at the borders of USA - Mexico, Israel - Palestine and Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Malillia at the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. The practice announced by the Minister for Citizens Protection aims at deterring the access from the particular route for Afghan, Iranians, Curds, Algerians and others, since routes from Italy and France have been already diverted. According to published in situ interviews 100, 200 up to 350 people are passing daily from the territory and its northern parts and in 2010, until November, at Evros river were found 20 bodies. The erection of the fence at the overland borders will restrict the accessibility from the safer parts of the borders with Turkey and will result to one more violation, mainly the right to asylum.

The erection will be accompanied either with voluntary repatriation or with mandatory expulsion as applied until date. The Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works has already come to the aid of the Government by declaring that it supplies its members for the repair of camps for the reception of refugees, as well as for the erection of a wall for the protection of the borders, due to the emergency. The immigrants and refugees are becoming the scapegoats of the 2008 crisis (of the iconic, speculative capital as the central strategic of accumulation), while the 2001 census brought in light the fact that in Greece were living 800.000 immigrants and not 250.000 who were until then legalized. It is officially recorded the contribution of immigrants in the development of the old EU members in public works of infrastructure the last 50 years, in the big industries and mines of these countries, the contribution of immigrant women as housekeepers, for the care of elders and chronic patients, as cleaners e.t.c to the same countries, as well as their major contribution to population increment, which, indicatively, at the EU of the 15 soar between 1991 and 2009 to 73,7% (95,8% in Greece) as opposed to the natural increment that was only 26,3% (4,2% in Greece).
It is incorporated in the Greek law the EU Directive for the imprisonment of immigrants without papers up to 18 months, the Greek Presidents Decree 81/2009 for the reformation of the Asylum for Refugees, its essential abolition, we witness the neo-fascist decision of the Council of State under which it is judged illegal for children of immigrants who were born here and continue to live in Greece for at least 5 years to obtain Greek citizenship. The Evros Fence is the governmental complement of the inauguration in October 2010 at Piraeus, with national expenses, of the district office of the FRONTEX and its forces for fast intervention, the consent to act in national infrastructures with restriction of access even for the Greek authorities, under a regime of exterritoritality for its personnel, with the Greek courts non qualified for its actions, with greater privileges from those standing until date for NATOs installations, foretelling what is coming next; we witness the constitutionment of poverty and abjection for the European South with acceptance, protection and unconcealed backing of the plutocracy, of the capital interests and its inner fights, charged on the working class of the country.
In front of these practices we owe to look with diligent eye the instances and facts at our working and social environments, away from micro-political and guild logics. The Greek Committee of International Democratic Solidarity calls all employed and unemployed people, greeks and foreigners, men and women to stand for the rights of the immigrants and refugees to Asylum, to human living conditions at our country for those who want to stay here, to the facilitation of the travel for those who want to leave for other countries.
We say no to the Europe - Fortress / Greeks and foreigners workers united.
February 13, 2011