Τρίτη, 24 Απριλίου 2012


The recent decision of the Greek social-democratic government to build a “Wall of Shame” in the region of Evros (north-eastern border with Turkey) is another step towards the reinforcement of the brutal concept of “Fortress Europe”. Approved together with a new law for political asylum and deportation processes, this decision goes hand in hand with the recent declarations of the Greek Government for the escalation of repression as a means of coping with “illegal migration”.
The European Left denounces the Greek government's decision to build a new “Wall of Shame” on European soil with the support of the EU leadership. This is not an isolated, national policy. It is part of the European strategy for migration, according to which refugees and migrants with no papers are targeted as enemies of Europe through repressive policies, like the FRONTEX force.
At the same time, it is the same European governments that co-operate with NATO in the demolition of Afghanistan and other imperialist ventures in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and the Middle East.

The European Left forces fight together with the social movements against such policies on the national and European level. Fortress Europe is not our Europe. The flows of migrants and refugees cannot be stopped by any wall or barbed-wire fence.
We fight for a real European and international migration policy, which will respect the fundamental rights of all people, natives or migrants, and put forward real solutions to the existing issue. This means the immediate termination of “Dublin 2” and the elaboration of international projects of practical support, which will encourage and motivate migrants to remain in their countries of origin.
EL Executive board, Brussels, 15-16 January 2011